Saturday, June 18, 2011

Things about me at which my friends are amazed when disclosed.

  1. I've never seen The Big Lebowski.
  2. I come from a Polish family but never had polish food 'til college friends who live in Hamtramck educated me.
  3. I once wanted to be a preacher.
  4. I once loved really shitty country music. (No, like REALLY shitty.)
  5. I've never had collard greens, ribs, or any form of duck, rabbit, or elk.
  6. I know how to change oil.
  7. I really believe that the government is tracking us through RFIDs and other such things through vaccines and other tools. (Though they just need facebook, already proving useful to them)
  8. I still weep when I hear a young voice sing an incredible aria in an incomparable tone.
  9. I've never been south of northern Tennessee (other than Hawaii, which I was sick for half of and it's like going to another country so it doesn't count), or west of the Mississippi (read above).
  10. I hate. 

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