Saturday, July 10, 2010


On Wednesday Eleanora played with Duende and The Wrong Numbers at Club Bart, and everyone tore it up. Through the magic of Jellyroll Joel's fingers, we were able to grasp the sound issues of the place, and though the arrangement of our set was a little more musical chairs-like than we thought it would be, we went over well and finally had copies of our debut EP, Recollective, for sale.

Again, Duende was sweet, and though it was about 253 degrees inside, it was worth being there to hang out with Fur, -jr, Jeff Milo, and Frank Woodman (who was celebrating a birthday!).

During the second song of The Wrong Numbers' set, the power for a few blocks radius was cut, probably due to a power surge. In this troubled time, the drummer, I imagined, thought, "This is it! My big chance! Now they can't stop me!" and it was awesome. Also at some point Frank got on stage and attempted to start a "Give Peace a Chance" singalong. The power started back up just as I left, and then The Wrong Numbers continued the show, now knowing they'd better bring it for all the people who waited in darkness for it. I didn't get to see it because I, again, had to go try to sleep and then go give myself cancer in the morn.

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