Friday, July 2, 2010

Wait, I have to write in order for it to update?

I've been busy. That's my excuse. Working, eating, drinking, and messing around on the internet has usurped all of my time.

On my end of involvement with music, I've been working with Marco Polio and the New Vaccines on images for shirts and buttons and stickers and all that stuff, which is just as hard to do as it sounds considering the personalities in the band. We have the ball rolling, though, and we're at least going to use every image I've made for something.

On Sunday, I got off work and went down to The Loving Touch, where Isles of ESP were playing. Very improv-based, very good. I got a chance to improvise on fiddle with Eric Dilworth a couple weeks ago at Club Bart, and he's like a mad genius. I like his open chord structure and the way that he changes character in the middle of songs, though there were points in Sundays show where the changes got muddled. The band after them were really good too, but at that point I was half asleep, somehow, and Scottie was freaking out (in a good way) about some cover that they were playing, and there were lights everywhere, and I had to work in the morning and couldn't move my neck because I'm an old lady.

Oh lord, I already sound like Eat This City...

Last night I went to Rock Lobster night at Sakana, where I saw all sorts of people I enjoy being around. I talked about cartoon scuba suits and the contemporary dilemma of unclear communication while Dethlab DJ'ed. And I have to say, that was the most enjoyable DJ experience I've ever had, in part probably due to my recent obsessions with No Age and The Bird and the Bee; in part due to the fact that I've had only two other enjoyable DJ experiences ever before (besides hearing Marcie and Pierce up there every month). I hope to hear Dethlab more often.

This weekend is the New Center Park Kickoff thingy, and I'm looking forward to it. The parts I can see, anyway.

My band has a show with Duende and the Wrong Numbers on Wednesday.

Sorry, I'll start posting more.

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