Saturday, November 27, 2010


I'm focusing more on music now. That little college-educated snot inside my head sneers and says, "Join the club, you idiot. Have you seen Detroit?" I know, I'm pretty sure at least 70% of people in the Detroit/Hamtramck/Ferndale trifecta "play an instrument" or are "in a band" or "play" an "instrument" or are "in" a "band". I've been on that list for a little while now, but for once I'm making it more of my focus.

Hey, have you heard Eamon McGrath? He's pretty cool. He had nothing to do with Detroit, I just like his music. Here's a video. I thought he was way older, I love his voice. He's written and released 26 albums in 4 years.

What is with me and my love affair with the Canadians lately?

Also, go to my show on Wednesday, at Club Bart. We have new songs!

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